• Let us help you to authenticate and track your product

    Supply Chain TRACESCI Platform

Brand Protection

Ensure products are genuine with non-additive digital authentication


Block chain enabled supply chain tracking, Deep insights of each product

Real Time Alerts

Conditions to help prevent product damage, diversion or waste

GS1 Compliant

Fully customised solution, in complaintce with GS1

Powered by Block Chain Authentic, safe and connected

The SaaS platform provides brand owners deep consumer and supply chain insights regarding their products like
real-time GPS location, scanning pattern and suspicious activity alerts.
It will help to get actionable product data for strategic decision-making and operational excellence.

Industries we cater












Amazing Features

  • Easy to use

    Simple process driven solution, that suits from small to large manufacturers requirment.

  • Protect your Product

    Secure packaging and authentication capabilities enable you to protect your brand and keep consumers safe while building brand trust.

  • Engage with end consumer

    Get access to valuable market insights, including the end user’s profile.Connect them with your loyality programs

  • Product serialization

    For digital transformation to take place, serialization will be a first step and a key enabler for every brand

  • Regulatory compliance

    Get a powerful one solution supporting various compliance mandates set by different countries for different businesses

  • Seamless Hardware integration

    Easy to integrate with any printing/labelling device, speed conveyor systems, vision inspection cameras etc

Some Facts








Unique Codes

Powerful Mobile Applications

  • Citizen's App

    Provides instantaneous authentication

    Can be linked to brand promotion, loyalty, warranty programs

    See Product Journey

    Report product issues

    Brand / Authority App

    More insights of all scans

    Track & trace all supply chain points

    Fraud Investigation

    Get all scan history

How it works??

Complete paperless on-boarding of brands, manufacturers and solution providers. submit details and upload documents required and after approval, you will get access of the platform.Fill in your information accurately as it impacts your future communication, billing information and free support.

By default, Free plan will be activated. The FREE plan gives you all the essential features & tools to setup your solution and continue using the platform for a few things / items free forever. You can always upgrade your account to a paid plan if you’re ready to scale beyond the limits of the FREE plan.

Flexible Management of your brand, product, batches serialization.

Activate products and keep a track on your raw materials, ingredients, supply chain, shipments, manufacturing batches, product SKUs right down to product level. Thats it

Now Everyone can afford product traceability

A solution to deter counterfeiters from stealing your revenue & damaging your brand reputation.

Pricing Plans

Our pay as you go pricing plans are driven by usage of platform resources, premium features, support & service levels. Select which suits to you


₹ 0


Single User

50000 Codes

1 Product

Public verification

Real Time Dashboard

Control Panel

Tracesci Citizen App




₹ 8000


100 Users

500,000 Codes

500 Products / SKUs

Public verification

Real Time Dashboard

Control Panel

User Managment

Tracesci Citizen App

Tracesci Brand App


₹ 30000


1000 Users

50,00,000 Codes

Unlimited Products / SKUs

Public verification

Real Time Dashboard

Control Panel

User Managment

Cutomised Citizen App

Customised Brand App

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